Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE®) is the highest level of technical networking certification offered by Cisco. Put your knowledge and experience to the test. Achieve Cisco CCIE certification and accelerate your career.

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification is accepted worldwide as the most prestigious networking certification in the industry. Network Engineers holding an active Cisco CCIE certification are recognized for their expert network engineering skills and mastery of Cisco products and solutions. The CCIE community has established a reputation of leading the networking industry in deep technical networking knowledge and are deployed into the most technically challenging network assignments.

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Advantages that you get from CCIE Security Certification

As CCNP Security Certification and CCNA Security Certification, CCIE Security possesses the same degree of credibility attached with it (in somewhat ways, more than that too), which can be a turning point for a person who dreams of career in IT field.

Nowadays, if there is something that needs a special focus in technological field, then that would be security. With the weird types of viruses as well as malicious programs that can destroy the whole database of an organization, getting a CCIE Security Certification can make you worthy choice of several top notch organizations around the world. In this way, this certification holds a greater value in this technologically savvy world. Even though the exams are very tough, more and more people are giving exams every time because they want to develop career in IT sector. There are also hackers around the world who are nowadays using different software to hack the database information as well as confidential information.

If they cannot gather the information, they are using virus to make your database go completely bizarre. Thus, the prime responsibility of a person with CCIE Security Certification becomes to solve those problems of an organization and save the database from unknown and undetectable problems by building a stronger firewall which requires an immense knowledge about the security system of a network. The other privilege you get from this certification is that you can always work with pinnacle reached professionals. You can always get discount on the things related to technology. You will have privilege to many things you had not even heard of before. After you get this CCIE Security Certification, you can go to several organizations as a research analyst and have secret access to confidential information too. Your prime job will be to protect this information from being lost or misused. This way, you get chance to work with top notch engineers around the world and become highly knowledgeable yourself too. You may be somewhat bothered for trying to find out the ways to take exam. Well, first of all, you should get the preparation books listed from the site so that you get acquainted will all the major information as well as guidelines you need to go with.

There needs to maintenance of work ethics when you are doing this job. Try to take more interviews as well as queries with different experts of the field. You also can work with some security experts in some software companies so that you get to know about the degree of professionalism to be maintained as well as about the work. You can attend various seminars as well as workshops that are held by software companies for being well acquainted with your work. This is very important that you also have lab experience besides theoretical knowledge. As CCIE Security is a dynamic examination among most examinations of the world, you need to be totally dynamic by yourself to pass it.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Networkers Guru Complaints/Testimonials

Virender yadav Location : India
Course taken : CCNA
I came from Delhi to do this program. I have never seen such a good quality in any of the training institute. I would like to suggest everyone for Networkers Guru. My Mobile no. is 9454014974. If you found someone having any complaints about Networkers Guru, I assure you its fake
Nitesh Verma Location : India
Course taken : CCNP R&S
The Program was very useful for me & the trainer Mr. Pradeep Kumar conducted the program in a very interactive style. He has a good knowledge & experience that he shared with us.They have placed me in Wipro Ltd as a Network Analyst. I was Fresher and now getting 4.0 Lakh per annum.

Deepa Location : Gurgaon
Course taken : CCNA
I am Impressed with the Price, Location, quality of training and the website. The Course was Intense but enjoyable. The Live training Labs were excellent and made each subject a lot easier to understand. The staff at Networkers Guru was very helpful and nothing you asked them was ever a problem. Would recommend highly.

Gaurav Shama Location : PUNE
Course taken : CCIE R&S
This is Gaurav working in Zoxy Telecom Ltd, as Senior System Engineer Presales Consultant, I got enrolled for CCIE training in Networkers Guru, before that i had seen all the boot camp of CCIE in different parts of India, Like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi in some parts, but the cooperation what I got from Mr. Saurabh Garg CCIE trainer. I never got in any places; he used to come to his center at 4:30am early in the morning to guide me for my labs. I am thankful to Saurabh Sir, Mr. Pradeep Kumar, the way they helped me to finish my training. I will definitely be back to Networkers Guru for my CCIE Service Provider training and for all those guys who have any complaints about Networkers Guru as I have also seen over web those are nuts fake people and you dont have to get into those and trust yourself and give yourself a chance for demo at Networkers Guru

Manoj Kumar Location : Utter Pradesh
Course taken : CCNP
Dear Pradeep and Team, Thank you for your excellent support. The content was excellent and very reasonably priced. Thanks for upholding such quality, consistently. I have no difficulty recommending your material, or using it for my future studies. Will definitely come back for CCIE. Keep it Up.
Manoj Kumar Location : Utter Pradesh
Course taken : CCNP
Dear Pradeep and Team, Thank you for your excellent support. The content was excellent and very reasonably priced. Thanks for upholding such quality, consistently. I have no difficulty recommending your material, or using it for my future studies. Will definitely come back for CCIE. Keep it Up.

Alex Location : U.K
Course taken : CCIP
Greeting lads, I wanted to take this moment to thank you all for your help in assisting me to pass my CCIP exam, I have finally made it, and to be honest, I would not have made it if you did not give me the opportunity to attend your 18 day boot camp. I would definitely recommend your training products to all my friends who would like to pursuit CISCO certifications. I look forward to using your material in my next track. Will come back soon for CCIE. Thank you once again chaps and all Networkers Guru Complaints are 100% fake, You may come and check

Andy Location : Republic of Congo
Course taken : CCNA,CCNP,CCIE
I passed my CCNP and CCNA. This would not have been possible without the help of Networkers Guru. I would like to that both Mr. Pradeep and Mr. Saurabh . I used Advanced Technologies Workbooks, plus attended the CCIE R&S boot camp lead by Mr. Pradeep Kumar , of which met and exceeded my expectations and brought me that much closer to my CCIE number. Another big plus was the support. By the support staff. Not only is the reply/response time fast, but you are always made to feel as a professional!

Ouijas Ojomu Location : Nigeria
Course taken : CCIE SP
Well I took 3 courses CCNA, CCNP, CCIE. Apart from the fact that it was cheap, it was also expository. Learning in a class where you actually have access to the tutor, and can ask questions when you find something difficult, was also worth it. And at times when I felt I couldn’t do it, I saw faces that believed in me (Sagar Sir). Though CCIE written exam was good, am looking forward to my lab exams, and looking forward to making Networkers Guru proud. Thanks for everything.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Cisco CCIE Security Certification

CCIE Security is another type of certification which is provided by Cisco to many people. In this certification the person is checked on the basis of networking, troubleshooting and other activities which are somehow considered to be necessary for the exam. The person had to appear for the security exam and one similar thing had been identified in the exam that the person had to go through the two exams like the other CCIE exams. Both the tests need to be passed by the person and the designed syllabus for the exam can be found on the Cisco website. For appearing in the first exam the person had to provide some money as fee to Cisco which would be utilized for the test appearance and for the registration purpose as well.

The person is asked to provide with some of the networking skills and solutions and even the person must also know how to use specific software and installation procedure must also be known by them as well.

On the other hand latest technology is also being used by the CCIE Security for its certification and in some cases for the job purpose the software engineers are also requires and such people are considered to be the main target of the company. It has been reported by Cisco that for the certification in security the person does not need to know anything not related to the field and no prerequisite is also required. Furthermore the person must have some of the experience in the required field for its benefit though it would help the person a lot in its job and other activities. The person has to pass the written examination for security certification.
The written exam test the person on networking topics and even the persons concepts are also tested in it.

For getting registered in the exam the person had to pay fee and then the candidate number would be provided as a result and if the person had appeared in the exam first, the after the conduction of second lab exam the person could not appear in the exam. After that the person is allowed to use the same candidate number and then its appearance is considered to be legal. The written exam information can be found from the online forum of Cisco and same case tends to happen with the practice questions for the exam as well.

Different practice questions had been designed by the specialists of the Cisco. The exam fee is required for both the exams and the schedule for the test can be provided online to people when they had made their account. It has also been said that if the person has appeared in the exam already and could not pass it then after 18 months the exam would be conducted again in which the person can also appear again. It has also been strictly said by Cisco that within 18 months the person can appear for the lab exam and in that exam the person is also tested on the networking questions and that test is based on computers.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ccie Certification Advice

CCIE is one of the most respected and widely know certifications in the IT industry. It is sometimes compared to PhD in networking. People certified with CCIE certification are experts in one or more fields of networking. The oldest and the most widespread is the CCIE in Routing and Switching, but there are other CCIE tracks, too. Network security experts are certified as CCIE Security, VoIP experts as CCIE Voice, for example. Other tracks include Service Provider, Wireless, Storage and Service Provider Operations. Whatever the track, one thing is certain – person certified as CCIE has gone through grueling preparation and even more difficult on-site hands-on test, delivered by Cisco. Certification is administered by Cisco, but is respected and accepted as certificate of utmost networking competence and achievement by everyone.

The biggest value of this certification is that there are no shortcuts, cheats and so-called “brain-dumps” that can be used! Since it’s an on-site, hands-on examination that lasts EIGHT hours, it’s not hard to imagine why. Furthermore, Cisco has cherished and nurtured their CCIE program since 1993. CCIE certified individuals bring many benefits to their companies, such as improved/faster access to relevant support teams within Cisco, but much more importantly, by being experts who can be relied on.

What does one need to do to become CCIE? Here is some advice for effective CCIE preparation.

The first step is to understand that CCIE certification is no easy task. Vast majority of candidates do not pass the exam on their first attempt. Be ready for that and don’t give up easily. Be prepared for at least 6-9 months of long days and even longer nights of hard study and work – sometimes even to give up on social life completely. If you can, plan to have at least one month before your exam date fully dedicated to study!

CCIE is expert-level certification and as such requires those who are certified CCIE to be experts in their respective fields. This requires a lot of reading and a lot of practice. Get familiar with Cisco’s website and products, as well as available books from their publishing company, Cisco Press.
Chose the CCIE track that best suits your interests and current expertise in networking. Just as a reminder, available tracks are: Routing and Switching, Voice, Security, Service Provider, Service Provider Operations, Wireless and Storage.

Study, prepare and pass the written qualification exam for the selected track. For most popular tracks, Cisco Press has published certification guides and usually, this is not a big problem for most students. Preparing well for the qualification exam will pay off during lab preparation, as this should offer solid theoretical background.

Select reliable CCIE lab training partner, with proven track record and methodology, combined with blended learning solutions, that include comprehensive self-study material and instructor-led classes for the second part of the certification – the dreaded CCIE Lab.

Understand advanced theory and concepts associated with the selected track and begin technology-focused, targeted learning by watching video on demand, listening to audio on demand products, as well as practicing individual technologies. Watching videos and listening to instructors at your leisure, is an excellent kick-start for CCIE preparation. Especially with those who wish to follow structured learning approach to CCIE certification.

Follow the previous step by reinforcing theory, advanced knowledge and technologies working together by beginning multiprotocol exercises from lab practice workbooks. Further establish advanced expertise by attending one of the instructor-led classes. These classes are popularly known as “CCIE Bootcamps” and, as their nickname suggests, are very intensive. They are usually week-long and serve to fill-in any knowledge gaps you may have at this point in your preparation.

When you are finished with your first instructor-led training, polish advanced knowledge and troubleshooting skills by doing advanced and the most complex lab exercises available to you. Most respectable CCIE training vendors offer self-study material of varying difficulty. Beginners, or even experienced engineers, could easily be overwhelmed by the levels of complexity offered in some material. These most difficult challenges and practice labs should be left for late-stage preparation.

Knowledge is only part of success with CCIE. Large part is psychological pressure, mostly augmented by unknown environment in the test lab. Practice taking the lab exam by attending even more specialized “Lab Experience” training classes offered. As is the case with self-study material, good training vendors offer lab experience weeks, where students are immersed into very complex hands-on practice labs, closely watched by instructor with the aim to imitate the experience of taking the real hands-on lab exam delivered by Cisco. As the last-stage exam preparation aid, these can be invaluable!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How To Take a CCIE Lab Exam

Lab and Practical Exam Registration Overview
The following information is applicable to all CCIE Lab and Practical Exams.
Once you have passed the CCIE written exam, you are eligible to schedule your CCIE lab and practical exam. Passing scores on written exams are automatically downloaded from testing vendors, but may not appear immediately. We suggest you wait ten days after your written exam before attempting to schedule the lab.
You will need the following to schedule your lab exam:
  • Valid Cisco user account
  • Identification number you used to register for your written exam (in the U.S. and Canada the ID number is generally your Social Security or Social Insurance number. In other regions, the testing vendor assigns the number.)
  • Date of your passing written exam
  • Passing score on written exam
  • Click here to schedule a Lab or Practical Exam Online requires Login.
Full payment for lab exams must be made 90 days before the exam date to hold your reservation. Exams for which payment is not received by the payment due date will be automatically dropped from the lab exam schedule. You can verify the payment due date on an exam you have scheduled by logging in and viewing your Certification Status. Click here to Pay for a Lab or Practical Exam Online. requires Login
Please Note:
  • Only one email notice is sent as a payment reminder
  • If your exam is dropped due to non-payment, you will need to reschedule your lab exam date.
  • You may book an exam for a date less than 90 days away, if you complete payment on the day you book the exam.
  • Credit card payments will be processed on the payment due date, exactly 90 days prior to the scheduled lab date, as will invoices for all payment types. No invoices will be generated before the lab exam due date.
Payment Options
The following table indicates the payment options available for each lab location. Wire transfer instructions vary by location and are included in the table. Please note not all tracks are offered at all lab locations.
CCIE Lab and Practical Locations and Payment Information
The table below provides information on lab locations by track as well as the payment methods accepted by location.
The following table indicates the payment options available for each lab location.
Wire transfer instructions vary by location and are included in the table below. Please note not all tracks are offered at all lab locations.
LabR&SSecuritySPSNASP OpsVoiceWirelessPayment
Bangalore, IndiaXXX
Beijing, PRCXXX

Brussels, BelgiumXXXX

Hong Kong, PRCXX

Sao Paulo, BrazilX

Sydney, AustraliaXXXX
Tokyo, JapanXX

Mobile LabsXX


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